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Want to ace your final exams? Join the Exam Experts Intensive Exam Preparation Courses at UWA this July school holidays and be exam ready.

Top Tips For Exam Success

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Is this you?

As a Year 12 Student, do you want to do your best but are struggling with…

Information Overload

A Lack of Confidence

Results You Know You Can Improve

Exam Jitters

If any of these sound like you, you’re not alone! The vast majority of ATAR students feel stressed by the experience but we are here to help.

With quality teaching and coaching from leading teachers and ATAR examiners, you can sit your final exams feeling confident and fully prepared.

July Holiday Intensive Exam Revision Program

The ATAR Student’s Secret Weapon

Nailing the ATAR and getting the results you are hoping for isn’t necessarily about being the smartest kid in the class. It’s about being well-prepared, knowing what to focus on and understanding what questions are most likely to come up in the exams and how to answer them.

With the help of the Exam Experts July holiday intensive exam revision program, Year 12 students can access ten hours of additional teaching per subject, to truly understand the course curriculum and perform better in exam conditions.

Students are invited to enrol in up to five subjects in Week One of the July holiday period. Country students can access heavily discounted, accommodation packages which offer safe, secure, supervised accommodation on-site for regional students who enrol in at least three subjects.

We understand how important it is to do your best in your ATAR. Our experienced, encouraging and supportive teachers will help boost your final results.

ATAR Subjects

Enrol for intensive revision programs in up to five of the following subjects:





Health Studies

Human Biology


Maths Methods

Maths Specialist

Modern History

Physical Education



Why choose the Exam Experts?

Here’s 6 good reasons to choose the Exam Experts

Educational Leader

Established in 1987, T.E.E. Consultants has a history of helping ATAR students for over 30 years.

Subject Experts

Instructors have extensive curriculum knowledge and first-hand experience as ATAR examiners.

Fun Environment

Studying doesn’t have to be boring or stuffy! Our educators present  interesting and dynamic sessions in all subjects.

Value For Money

At just $195 per subject, our holiday programs are some of the most affordable in WA, giving more students the chance to improve their results.

University Style Classes

Engaging classes provide intensive, targeted revision to guide students in their study and exams.

Fully Supervised

Boarding students stay in comfortable rooms at UWA and are able to experience university life under full adult supervision.


Hear what our students and parents have to say about us!

I have chatted to a number of our students who attended your workshops and every single one of them has spoken very highly of all the different courses they did.

Deputy Assistant Principal - Senior Secondary

Thank you for a very productive week! The Physics and Maths Specialist lecturers were both helpful and made me realise and understand the topics much better. Hoping for the best on your future programs!


I really, really enjoyed the week at UWA and I took a lot out of it.